Living On Purpose

Living on purpose tells me know which way to go
Living on purpose tells me know which way to go

As a mother and teacher, I hear a lot of, “I didn’t do it on purpose!” I’ve had a lot of those “accidents” too. Oh yeah, especially in adolescence and early adulthood!

So what is my purpose? What would happen if I were too busy being on purpose to do things that are not on purpose?

Recently, I’ve been teaching my son to drive. I tell him, “Look ahead to where you want to go; don’t focus too close to the car.” Being in the driver’s seat of life is the same way. When I look ahead to where I want to be, I can purposefully maneuver through life and avoid many accidents and pitfalls. Seeing the whole picture takes care of all the hundreds of little corrections I’ll have to make if I don’t look farther than the end of my nose.

People often say, “Life is a journey…” It’s true. And by intentionally following my¬†purpose, I am guided through the ups and downs, twists and turns, valleys and mountain tops of my journey.

Living on purpose doesn’t mean that I’m not spontaneous sometimes; it does mean I don’t have to improvise because I was careless. It also means that I have fewer hurdles. I don’t run out of gas in the desert, puncture tires on sharp rocks, or sink my car in the river.

I come upon plenty of challenges in life. Why not ease the way by living on purpose?

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