A Breath Away

Jim with two of his sons and his newest granddaughter
Jim with two sons and our newest granddaughter

Well, what to say? My love of the last 10 years left this lifetime unexpectedly a few days ago. We had so much fun together. We learned so much. And now I miss his physical presence by my side so much.

But this morning, dawn came again. The sun shines through my window. As I reconnect myself, body, mind and spirit, I know that with God in my heart, Jim is just a breath away. And all the Love and Truth we built together—well that is here to stay.

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2 thoughts on “A Breath Away”

  1. Amazing how over night your life can change.
    I was always impressed at your inner calm and quiet joy that met the world with.
    I know you will find your feet on a new path without much trouble.
    My the Lord bless you and your children and may your needs be easily met.
    Hugs Anita

  2. Thinking of you Vick. I’m sure he’s still there by your side, just not in the physical one. I let my mom know and she said to tell you you are in her thoughts and prayers also.
    Forever your friend,
    Mary Jo

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