It’s An Inside Job


I’ve done a lot of ghost writing recently for companies that outsource their  blogs. Unlike blog posts, however, my life is not to be outsourced. It is uniquely mine and nobody else can live it.

What does this mean? It means that only I can fulfill my responsibilities and only I can fulfill my dreams. It means that if somebody needs to take the bull by the horns, so-to-speak, it’s gonna have to be me.vicki-climbing-redwood

Nobody else is as qualified as I am to write the story of my life, to make my path, or to face my challenges.

When I take an opinion poll from friends and family about every decision in my life and then base my decisions on their answers, I am effectively outsourcing. While I know a lot of people with valuable opinions about everything, there are times to recognize that my own answers are the best answers. When I allow myself to value other’s thoughts and opinions more than my own, I de-value myself and the gifts I was born into this life with.

It recently became clear to me that I was doing a tremendous amount of outsourcing my life. I realized that any time there was dissension between what I thought to be true and what others thought to be true, my tendency was to immediately abandon my own thoughts, ideas, or beliefs and adopt somebody else’s.

101_1941Today, I recognize that I have beautiful gifts to share with the world. Those gifts are valuable, and I am to respect my own value. I am thankful to those people in my life that model this.

How about you? Do you outsource or are you the engineer in your life? Who do you know who is confident, who can look at the picture of his or her life and move into right action? Some people seem like naturals at this. Others, like me, are taking steps—maybe just baby steps at times—learning to drive their own wagon.

Here’s the thing to remember: This is no “band wagon.” It’s your wagon. So jump on it and drive!

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