Love and Loyalty

101_2573The 2 Ls: Love and Loyalty. They’re definitely not the same thing, but yet they’re so closely related. Can one exist without the other? How are they related? Are they two faces of one thing, like the faces of the Roman god, Janus? If you love somebody are you loyal to that person?

I’ve decided no. To truly love, I think you’re loyal to…God, the Spirit that Moves in All Things (pick a name). This is being loyal to Love, to Truth.

My recent revelation is rather personal, but this is what I’ve figured out. When I’ve thought I loved unconditionally, I was confused with being loyal to that person, even at the expense of taking care of myself. Yet, how can we know what it is to love unconditionally, if we don’t love ourselves?

It’s almost like a question that caves in on itself. Which comes first? How can we “love (our neighbors) as ourselves,” if we don’t love ourselves? And who better to teach us about love than God? Well, I suppose there are those who’d like to argue right off and tell me it depends on my religion, so I’ll say here, that regardless of religion, I think God = Love. So, before the question caves on itself again, let me close…

To love, I think we need to be Loyal to Love, which loves us and teaches us to love ourselves–and our neighbors. And our friends, and our families, and the person that almost ran over us on the road this morning… This Love holds the Truth, the whole picture, and when we’re loyal to that, we understand that it isn’t about choosing sides to be loyal to-or not-on the physical plane.

I choose to hold to this: when my loyalty is to my “higher power” the unconditional love will take care of itself. And I am eager to share that kind of Love with the world.

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