Making Ripples of Change

Many of us avoid it or fear it, but change is the way of nature.

101_2538 Is it a bad thing? A good thing?

I don’t think change is either good or bad. It just is. Like energy “just is.” It’s what we do with it that matters.

 This weekend I had the opportunity to visit Truman Lake in Missouri. The sunlight illuminated a myriad of changes: past, present, and ongoing. The agents of change danced in all their glory. The sun on the water, warming our bodies and nourishing the new green; the wind twisting the plants and splashing the water up onto the rocks.

101_2535The rocks spoke of ancient yet perpetual change with their holes, stripes of color, cracks, fossils and mineral content. Fish swam just beneath the surface of the water, feeding on algae-covered rocks. Mullein pushed up out of tiny cracks in the limestone surfaces. Cedar grew in endless formations twisted and shaped by the wind. People glided above the water’s surface in a sailboat while others chose the more modern motor boats.

101_2526In retrospect, what occurs to me is that nature doesn’t just tolerate change.  It is more natural to make the changes. What that translates to for me is, rather than avoiding changes and having them stuffed down my throat in the end, I can choose to make the changes myself.

 And that one little shift of my awareness causes ripples of change.


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