Braid for Health

Photo by Jim Behl, 2006


Sunlight sprinkled through the tree leaves and the river babbled along beside me. My physical body was tucked away in bed at home to heal from the awful respiratory crud which had been plaguing it for several weeks. My spirit was taking a little walk…

I found myself as a young boy, kneeling in the rocks by the river. Grandfather knelt in front of me. We worked together while he talked.

“You want to know about healing?”

I looked at him with wonder and amazement, eager for the wisdom he would share.

“Make a braid,” he told me. “Braids are strong. The do not break.”

“What should I braid?” I wondered to him.

“These three things,” he answered. “Plait love, joy, and gratitude.”

“Not faith?” I questioned. As though I hadn’t asked it, he repeated, “Love, joy, gratitude.”

As the scene faded I realized the plait of love, joy and gratitude was the manifestation of faith…and health.

I joyfully give thanks for the wisdom of the elder and, with gratitude, I pass it on…

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